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Who We Are.

More than just a recruitment service, it's our passion.

Who We Are.

More than just a recruitment service, it's our passion.

It's all about Community.

In the wake of a challenging few years with no alternatives over digital platforms, we want to offer people the chance to meet and connect with others in person again.

This is why TrueNorth does things differently. We hold community-focused events so that people can meet others with similar interests, share experiences, problem-solve, learn what’s new in the industry, and build a network of like-minded individuals.

When it comes to virtual events, they can only bring so much value. Meeting people face-to-face offers a sense of community that simply cannot be attained or matched online by bringing people together properly.

Check out our upcoming events.

Our Mission.

We want people to be truly happy at work, less stressed and live more fulfilled lives. When people are happy, they are more engaged and more productive. Therefore, the company benefits and even society benefits as a whole.

In an ever changing world where people can feel lost and unsure of which direction to turn, we help our customers find their way. We take genuine pride in offering a quality consultancy service, giving our customers all the facts about the market to help them make educated decisions for their own career. We help people take control of their true career compass and navigate towards new and exciting opportunities that make a genuine positive difference in their lives.

Ultimately, we want you to smile more whilst at work.

“People spend on average 53% of their daily waking hours at work… Why not enjoy them?”

Our CORE Values






The TRUENORTH Foundation

Living is giving.

We believe that successful companies have a responsibility to give to those in society in need of help. This is why for every candidate placement, TrueNorth Group will ensure a chain reaction of further positive events across the globe.

Our Placement Pledge:

💉 donation of 1500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to countries in need.

🏡 donation of mosquito nets to 9 families to protect themselves from malaria.

🌳 plantation of 10 new trees to help continue the climate change battle.

Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference. Please let us know about any good causes near to your heart and we’ll see how we can help them. Some of the great organisations we have supported so far: